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Conference Papers and Presentations:

Parallel Genehunter: Implementation of a Linkage Analysis Package for Distributed-Memory Architectures, First IEEE Workshop on High Performance Computational Biology, at the International Parallel and Distributed Computing Symposium,  Ft. Lauderdale, FL, April 2002  [Paper Reprint: old version of JDPC paper]


Software Packages:

Package NameCollaboratorsReferenceFunction
GenomeHistory Andreas WagnerNucleic Acids Research, 2002Duplicate gene identification
Parallel Genehunter Steve PlimptonJournal of Parallel and Distributed Computing, 2003 Parallel Genetic linkage analysis
Find_max_coverAndreas WagnerBMC Bioinformatics, 2004 Combination of sequence alignments
GenomeVxKen Wolfe Bioinformatics, 2008Circular chromosome visualization

Biographical Information


Dates Institution/Department Degree
1998-2004 Department of Biology, The University of New Mexico Ph. D., Biology
1995-1998 The University of New Mexico B.S., Biology
1994-1995 University of Puget Sound



University of MissouriAssistant ProfessorSeptember 2008-present
Trinity CollegePost-doctoral FellowProf. Kenneth Wolfe2005-2008
University of LeipzigPost-doctoral FellowProf. Peter Stadler2004


Funding Source: Dates
 Computational Sciences Graduate Fellowship (Department of Energy) 2000-2004
Albuquerque High Performance Computing Center 1998-2004

Research Interests:


Conant, G. C. and Wagner, A.  "Variation of Relative Rates of Amino Acid Substitution in Functionally Different Protein Classes,"
 Computational Sciences Graduate Fellowship Conference, Washington D.C., 2001 and Mathematics And Molecular Biology VII, Santa Fe, NM, 2002.

Conant, G., Plimpton, S., Old, W., Wagner, A., Fain, P., and Heffelfinger, G.  "Parallel Genehunter: Implementation of a Linkage Analysis Package for Distributed-Memory Architectures,"  The Conference on High Speed Computing, Gleneden Beach, OR,  2002 and Computational Sciences Graduate Fellowship Conference, Washington D. C., 2002.


I have taught the Anatomy and Physiology I lab at UNM and given lectures in molecular evolution to Molecular Medicine masters degrees students at Trinity.